“Get There with June Six Ventures and Consulting”

What We Do

June Six Ventures and Consulting, a division of June Six Ventures, LLC, is a legal and business consulting firm focused on providing high impact solutions to the unique issues facing high tech startups in the SaaS and technology spaces, with particular focus on FinTech, MarTech and InsurTech. We recently launched June Six Ventures and Consulting to take a unique and dynamic approach to delivering legal and business value-based solutions to companies.

We have formed a network of alliances with legal and business professionals that are committed to driving results for you. We work directly with you as an emerging company, including portfolio PE companies, private equity firms and law firms, to address your most pressing needs with high quality, results- oriented legal and business experts, who can ignite and propel your success. We help you innovate, grow, tackle pressing legal and business tasks, strategize and develop solutions to meet your needs from emergence to liquidity events and beyond. “We Get You There” by getting to know you, your company, your strengths, your challenges and your goals, by leveraging our unique and dynamic C-Suite level expertise, delivered in a business friendly, industry specific and cost-effective manner.

Services Provided

  • Start-Up Legal and Strategic Support, including:   
    • Formation to bootstrap, seed, Angel, Series A and beyond  
      • Entity and state law selection and formation
      • Founders’ equity / Cap Table Formation
      • Stock Purchase Agreements
    • I.P. Protection
      • NDA’s and IP assignment documentation
      • Provisional and non-provisional patent analysis and protection
      • Copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets 
    • Complex agreement drafting and negotiation, including SaaS, technology, and strategic partnership agreements
  • Structure and development of in-house legal and compliance functions, including:   
    • litigation and risk mitigation measures, including risk identification and scoring and customized and proactive mitigation and prevention measures;
    • development of contract management function, as appropriate
    • analysis and recommendation of technology based legal department productivity solutions
    • development of Intellectual Property program, including patent and asset identification and valuation, I.P. protection and prosecution (i.e., new invention disclosure forms), defensive and offensive strategy development, trade secrets program development
    • support for equity raises (i.e., private placements and IPO’s), including PPM and IPO documentation drafting and negotiations, identification of potential investment banking partners and potential investors
    • corporate governance function and policy development, including securities compliance
    • perform Corporate Secretary functions and develop transition plan; 
    • mergers and acquisitions support, including drafting and negotiation of merger and purchase agreements
    • identification of key regulatory issues and develop plan to efficiently comply with or eliminate regulations
    • internal policy development (i.e., social media policy, H.R. related policies)
    • train company personnel on critical issues, including I.P., H.R., contract management
    • litigation cost containment and reduction measures (i.e. E-discovery solutions)
  • Complex agreement drafting and negotiation, including SaaS, technology, and strategic partnership agreements
  • Internal operational and structure analysis and recommendations
  • Development of other corporate functions (i.e., H.R., Finance, Operations) and/or recommendations of candidates, as necessary
  • Industry specific strategic analysis of current and future business, technology and legal issues affecting the business

How We Do What We Do

  • We get aligned with you and your company’s needs.  This means simply we get to know your business, your path forward and your challenges.
  • We deliver results based on principles of excellence and integrity.
  • We constantly stay ahead of the curve and proactively address your current and future needs.
  • Our team is comprised of the best of the best.  They have delivered consistent results for companies ranging from start-ups, emerging businesses, transforming businesses, Fortune 50 companies, to international, national and regional law firms. If we need to partner with other firms or companies to best meet your needs, that is what we do.
  • We deliver all of this with predictable and value driven pricing, using payment models designed to ensure your success along with ours.  Flat- fees, success bonuses, contingencies, hourly fees all pay a role in delivering value.  We will work up-front to evaluate what the best win – win will be for you, and we will deliver exceptional value.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

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